in Crete

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Recommended destinations to discover !

Knossos - Museum & Market

Your day starts by visiting the place where European civilization began, Minoan palace of Knossos. Here exactly was a labyrinth of Daedalus, here ruled a legendary King Minos, son of Zeus and Europa and was imprisoned in the labyrinth a dreaded Minotaur.

After a beautiful route, you will arrive in Heraklion where you can visit one ofmost important museums in Greece, Heraklion Archaeological Museum.

The final attraction of the day is a walk to explore the streets of the town of Heraklion and browsing through the famous vegetable market.

And finally, after your shopping, you will relax at the numerous small cafes there are near Heraklion market.

The CretAquarium

One of the largest Aquariums in Europe just 50 klms away from Agios Nikolaos. The magic of the sea floor and the diving experience into such a familiar yet unknown world -the sea world of the Mediterranean - cannot be described in just a few words.

Sixty tanks and more than 2,000 marine organisms are not something to be missed. Walk around, explore, stop at the jellyfish tank to watch the performance of the best ballet dancers and relax at the aquarium restaurant.

A day at the Countryside

Holidays should be leisurely and what better way than to spend a day, driving around the Cretan countryside. Your first stop can be in Elounda. Its superb location at the head of the Spinalonga peninsula and the lagoon it forms, has made it extremely popular. A further five minutes drive will take you to Place, a small fishing village located opposite the island of Spinalonga, the famous leper colony with its Venetian castle.

Up the mountain, to Fourni and Kastelli, two traditional villages, full with colours and hospitable people. After a magnificent route, you will reach Neapolis, a small inland town with the big cathedral of the Virgin Mary. Have a rest at the square and don’t forget to taste their famous loukoumades (small balls of deep-fried dough covered with honey).

Discover East Crete

Starting from the area of Agios Nikolaos, you will head east, driving through small villages. If you are not bewitched by the emerald water at Golden Beach in Istron and you want to continue, you have to stop at Mochlos, a fishing village down a slope, at the seafront. Very well known among the locals for its fresh and quite reasonably priced fish as most of the taverna owners have their own fishing boats. Fortified by good food, on to Sitia, a picturesque town 40 minutes away. The Kazarma fortress and the archaeological museum are the things to look for, here.

The Monastery of Toplou was built in the 16th century and is famous for its excellent wine and olive oil. Inside the fortified walls, you will find the monastery’s museum, an example of modern technology applied in the protection and presentation of old relics your last stop will be Vai, the tropical palm trees forest and beach, unique in Europe. Sunbathe, swim and enjoy. You have earned it!

A day on the Lassithi Plateau

Crete is not all about beaches. It’s a lot more than that and a drive up to the Lassithi Plateau will convince you. The Plateau is about 45 klms from Agios Nikolaos. A very fertile land, it used to be full of windmills that were used by the farmers. You can still see quite a few of them around.

Drive up, through the small town of Neapolis, then pass through the plateau to the village of Psichron. Here you will visit the amazing Dictaion cave, with its stalactites and stalagmites where Zeus was born according to Greek mythology. As we all know, gods always chose the most beautiful places to be born and live.

Wander around the plateau, among the numerous villages, stop at a local kafeneion to taste the local products but go easy on the raki (strong Cretan spirit derived from grapes), as you will need to drive back. Return via Krasi, a picturesque village, near the well-known Monastery of Kera.